Event and conference photographers are required in a way to combine professional shooting with fun, amusement, and creativity together.

Beginning with event and conference photography can be overwhelming, from technicalities to juggling everything in the photographer’s mind.

Top Advice for Choosing your Washington DC Event and Conference Photographers
Smithsonian Washington DC Conference Photographers

To avoid overwhelming, just make preparations complete in a strategic manner, as follows:

Day Before Photography

As a professional event photographer, it is required to determine the objectives of the shooting is going to be. These could be political events, corporate events, follow-up meetings, etc. The key understanding is each event objective is intended for use and how those photographs will be used.

Check camera settings, shutter speed, fast lens, and artificial lighting in advance and make sure it’s working properly. Clean the lenses and shoot with large enough memory cards.

Set the file format to RAW. Flash unit of 17 to 35 is a great choice for shooting an event and conference lens. It is great for group shots, quick portraits, focal length, and some kind of general ambience in event photos.

Hopefully, these tips and advice will stick with you until your next event. It will take your event and conference photography to the next level.

Day of Photography

Let’s jump in into the real content.

Don’t be afraid to create moments

When shooting or capturing the happenings, direct people to smile, put arms around a person to hug, and craft a pose. That’s the moment you create; clients and groups of people appreciate it. Logically, being an event and conference photographer, you are not only to take photos but make photos, too. Create magical moments and make people smile through your directions and suggestions because you are part of an event.

Top Advice for Choosing your Washington DC Event and Conference Photographers
Smithsonian Washington DC Conference Photographers


Show up your composition tricks to make photos in a candid style. Always aim to capture emotions-filled candid, sort of interactions and balance the intended use to capture images in the shooting. Getting reactions on people’s faces will be magical shots.

Make full-body pictures of the audience, including everything they are wearing from head to toe. This will capture their outfit, as they are always very concerned about how they look. People love to have their outfit to be documented.

Don’t be undetected while shooting

If someone sees you taking photos of them, just don’t hide. Show them positive affirmations like giving them a nod, a smile, or a thumbs up. Doing so lets them know that you are making their events the best and most amazing. Move on to other scenes and engage the audience with their friends and mates to capture candidly.

Don’t take things personal

During shooting, take permission from people to capture them. If they deny it, don’t take rejections personally or make yourself a little bummed. You don’t know what somebody is going through or their mental condition.

Top Advice for Choosing your Washington DC Event and Conference Photographers
Waldorf Astoria Washington DC Conference Photographers

Deliver the edited data to the client on time. Ask them to provide high-resolution and low-resolution photos for different uses.

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Washington Hilton Washington DC Conference Photographers
Washington Hilton Washington DC Conference Photographers

No one knows in an event or conference what condition someone got and came in the event. It might be they got a call from home that their family member is sick. They got an unexpected harsh moment. So, if someone is rejecting you to take photos, don't mind.

Move on and capture warming moments randomly to get positive reinforcement. Engage your shooting with people who are smiling, cheering, and having discussions and speeches.

Shoot Quality Images

Instead of capturing more and more photographs for the maximum event and conference coverage, get capturing quality photographs.

Get capturing with the intention of quality photographs of meaningful moments, rather than shooting more and more photographs. Start focusing on shooting first from VIPs, speakers, MDs, and other higher authorities. Because the event depends on them.

Bring backup equipment

Keeping backup equipment in case of any technical issues during the event is important. Make sure to bring extra batteries, memory cards, and lenses.

Day After Photography

Edit Professionally

Take the time to carefully edit photos. Prefer the best shots and make any required colour, cropping, exposure, adding filters, and contrast adjustments.

Deliver on Time