Event Photojournalism specializes in the following services throughout Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and wherever (and whenever) our clients need us:

Corporate Event Photography

Event Photojournalism provides corporate event photography services on a national and international scale, as well as servicing the Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland metro area for over 27 years. Read More

Award Winning Photographers

Look no further than at award-winning photographers websites to understand the importance of photography and the significance in having high quality, impactful visual elements in all of your marketing, advertising, public relations and social media efforts. Read More

Conference Photographer

Our conference photographers can provide you with images you need to shout about your conference on social media or other marketing and promotional outlets. Read More

Event Photographer Washington DC

Event Photography Washington DC has reached the highest point of innovation. Using the latest tools and equipment we have managed to impress our clients and establish lasting partnerships. Read More

Event Photographer Maryland

We have a strong background in creative photojournalism and represent experienced and personable event photographer in Maryland, each with a trained photojournalistic style. Read More

Event Photography Virginia

Our Virginia event photographers will provide you with images which truly capture the essence of your event. We have a unique approach towards every event and we’re very flexible no matter what situation the event throws at us. Read More

Special Event Photography

Driven by creativity and imagination Event Photojournalism is a company that has grown over the years with excellent delivery of images. We do not believe in sticking to the conventional principles of photography and always look for innovation in work. Read More

Non-Profit and Association Photography

Non-Profit photography calls for a different approach to photography and creation of compelling imagery. The idea to expose the ways in which the non-profit organizations survive, whether a fundraising event, silent auction, annual dinner for donors and members, makes an interesting option for passionate photographers. Read More

Political Event Photography

At Event Photojournalism, we offer an array of services to the clients for political events. Whether it is fundraising, promotion or anything related to politics, we take pride in our resources that comprise some of the most skilled photographers that have experience of covering these events. Read More

Social Event Photography

Consumers of the modern day world are savvy with images and believe in things that appeal to the visual senses. At Event Photojournalism, you will come across some of the best photographers that have the ability to capture the most pleasurable moments or the star attractions of a social event. Read More

Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Social Media Photography

Today’s world has changed with the intervention of digital technology which has shown up in different areas including the world of photography business. In fact, businesses have now started using media and videos for marketing and it is considered as one of the most prominent ways to reach out to the audience. Read More

Gala Photography

Event Photojournalism has the team, technique and knowledge to do the job in a seamless manner. When it comes to Gala Photography, we have attained the skills over the years and have the acumen to cater to the needs of our clients. Read More

Award Ceremony Photography

Capturing memorable moments during an award ceremony requires the intervention of experienced photographers. At Event Photojournalism, we years of experience documenting award ceremonies of all genres and scope and offer a range of photography services for to meet your specific needs. Read More

Corporate Anniversary Photography

At Event Photojournalism, we offer specialized and excellent services to our clients when it comes to Corporate Anniversary Photography. Read More

Corporate Head Shots

Gone are the days when Corporate Head Shots looked like a yearbook. With Event Photojournalism, you have the opportunity to capture some of the best shots of your company heads and employees. Read More

Product Photography

At Event Photojournalism, we have some of the most renowned photographers that are conversant with the new developments in this field. While human photography has a value of its own, taking photographs of products can be a challenging task. Read More

Convention, Conference, Seminar, Panel Discussion and Trade Show Photography

Event Photojournalism is a leading service provider in photography and the company has marched ahead with its unique ideas of Convention Photography leaving behind the competitors. Read More

Conference and Business Meeting Photography

With Event Photojournalism, you will enjoy the skills of some of the best photographers that have specialized knowledge of covering corporate events. Read More

Charities and Fundraiser Photography

At Event Photojournalism, we offer all kinds of services to different clientele and industries.  We have positioned our event photography services to stand out in the crowd and set a high standard in Charities Photography. Read More

Social Media and Advertising Photography

With the advent of social media, businesses have found a new avenue to connect, communicate, educate and interact with their target audiences. Read More

Military Functions

At Event Photojournalism, you will come across experts that specialize in different genre of photography. With skilled photographers that can deliver assignments within time and are conversant with the latest technology, hiring professionals like us will help you get the exact photographs that you want. Read More

Sporting Events

With Event Photojournalism, capturing the best shots in different sporting events is possible with the assistance of some of the best photographers. Read More

Tour Group Photography

The excitement of tour group photography comes alive with Event Photojournalism that has a team of proficient photographers that have traveled to different parts of the globe to capture some of the best shots of natural habitats and different landmarks across the world. Read More

Interior, Room and Decor Photography

For capturing eye-catching interior designs or event decor, Event Photojournalism has an array of services for our customers. Producing some of the most stylish photographs, our photographers always strive for excellence. Read More

Editorial and Lifestyle Photography

With Event Photojournalism, Editorial and Lifestyle Photography has gained new status. Capturing some of the most effective impressions is all about this kind of photography. Read More

Holiday Party Photography

Along with the holiday season comes company holiday parties- usually the biggest ones that the company will host all year long. It’s the time to enjoy great food and drinks, have some great holiday fun and reward the hard working people that stand behind your brand. Read More

Award Winning Photographer Website

Look no further than at award-winning photographers websites to understand the importance of photography and the significance in having high quality, impact visual elements in all of your marketing, advertising, public relations and social media efforts. Read More