In between events, our team of experienced photographers enjoy the opportunity to photograph head shots and team photos, too. When you book an on-location head shot photography session with us, you can schedule several employees at one time, or just your own head shot. The on-location aspect helps you feel comfortable and confident in your own work environment. It reflects who you are, your brand, and your company.

Other than the location, there are a few other things you can do to convey your brand and authentic personality. One of them being your wardrobe. So, how to you dress for success while reflecting a little piece of you? Here are a few tips on what to wear for your on-location professional head shots:

Wear something you feel both confident AND comfortable in – A new power suit is great, but if it feels stiff, that will show in your photos. Splurge on a custom-tailored outfit that makes you look and feel great. Has anyone ever told you a certain color or style looks great on you? Try it out in your headshots!

Look professional by industry standards – Stick to your industry’s level of formality when choosing your wardrobe. If you’re in an industry where nice jeans and a blazer are acceptable, go for it! In fact, if business casual is the norm for your industry, wearing a black suit and tie in your headshot may seem a little off putting and impersonal. But if suits and ties are the standard, keep with that level of professionalism. 

Add a tasteful accent – If you and your colleagues are wearing black, consider adding an accent such as a piece of jewelry for women or a tie with a fun accent color for women. Nothing overly bold or crazy, but something that will add a little personality and texture to your photo.

Don’t forget hair and makeup! – Schedule a haircut, color, and get your makeup done (if that applies to you) before your head shot. No, this doesn’t fit exactly in what to wear, but it does enhance your appearance, and you’ll feel great, too! Hairstylists have that magic touch that’s hard to replicate. Take advantage of it in your headshots. If you’re a woman and don’t need a cut, make a trip to the dry bar for a blowout. If you’re a man, consider getting a professional shave.

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