“It seems like anyone could be an event photographer. You just attend events and snap pictures of the most important moments.” When I heard the statement, first I was blown away that someone would have the boldness to make that remark, but then I realized that other people must share the same sentiment. Maybe many don’t even truly know what event photography entails.

It Takes a Team

In short, event photography requires a team of experienced photographers to analyze lighting and social cues in order to take the perfect photo at just the right time. We have to anticipate awkward photo bombers, unwanted shadows, and silly faces. Have you ever noticed that event photographers are phenomenal at catching candid laughter and facial expressions beautifully, but when guests try their hands at photography on their iPhones, the images come out blurry or distorted? You find photos of guests making those weird faces like you just hit pause on the television at the wrong moment. Event photographers know how to navigate those situations with finesse, catching everything from the biggest moments to the most intricate details.

More than just Documenting

Event photography is also more than just documentation. It’s an investment in marketing material. iPhone quality images will no longer cut it on your social media outlets. People want to work with businesses professional enough to put their best digital foot forward. They want to see your events covered professionally in the best light possible. Our team of experts at Event Photojournalism help you put your best foot forward with old and new clients alike to help you stand out from the rest. No one will want to miss out on your next event after seeing the photos from this one! Contact us [here] about capturing your next event—we can’t wait to hear from you.