Create a Common Hashtag

Hashtags (the # symbol followed by a word or short phrase) are used across all social media platforms as a way to index certain topics, subjects, keywords, etc. When you’re promoting an event, decide on a brief, unique hashtag to use consistently in order for people to find images and information regarding your event. Ask others involved in your event to do the same!

Consistency is Key

Make sure that you’re posting across multiple platforms most used by your target audience (i.e. maybe LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for business/corporate events), and post regularly to keep your audience updated and in-the-know, maybe even once per day in days leading up to the event.

Tag Pertinent Accounts

In order to grab the attention of your target audience, tag groups, friends, or companies in your posts who may have interested in attending your event. Tagging them will make sure they are notified and kept up-to-date. They’ll also be able to follow along for any important information, and hopefully they’ll be more inclined to share your event with others as well!

Have People Share Your Posts to Enter Drawings

Leading up to your event, increase engagement and awareness by running fun polls, quizzes, games, or comment threads for a chance to win prizes at your upcoming event. This will also help with event attendance, too, in the hopes of winning!

Create a Group

If your event is geared toward a select audience, create a group and invite friends so they can learn the details of your event and participate in discussions leading up to the big day without blasting it all over the internet. Of course, this is only for private or more exclusive events rather than big promo events open to the public.

KEEP IMAGE QUALITY AT AN ALL TIME HIGH – most important obviously 😉

This is where we come in! At Event Photojournalism, we can help make sure that your marketing is top-notch by providing you with exceptional images to promote your event. If we’ve shot past events, use those to show people what to expect (and how awesome you are!) They definitely won’t want to miss out on the next one.

Hope to see you there!