Inspiring Employees | Corporate Incentive Program and Event Photographers DC

No one likes to hear someone in the office say, “Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays.” But how can companies avoid the deflated Monday vibe? One such way is to inspire employees by an incentive program. Instead of Mondays seeming like the first day in another long-haul of a week, they can be seen as the beginning of a full and productive week to work towards their incentive goal.

I recently was able to photograph an incentive for Five Guys at The Anthem District Wharf in DC. The event was planned by CSI, and it was a total success! Five Guys hosted a night deemed as the Five Guys Games, in which one lucky crew member would have the chance to win $50,000 by showing off their skills! Not only was this a special night for these contestants but also for coworkers and management by being able to cheer on their co-worker! The Anthem was a perfect venue to host so many wonderful employees of Five Guys! The concert style seating enabled everyone to have a good view of the festivities.

Reasons for Incentive Program Photography:

  1. Quality Photography: In this day and age when everyone has a camera on their smartphone, it’s easy to think that just anyone can snap photos and airdrop them later. BUT, not  every photo was created equal. Having a designated photographer to snap photos of your employees throughout the evening, whether they’re posed or candid, ensures that the most memorable moments of the night are preserved for years to come.

2. Professional Photography=Professional Feel: Having professional photography adds an air of professionalism to your event. When employees are selected for the incentive trip, that is the result of a lot of dedicated and motivated work. What better way to show your employees that your appreciate their service than to show your dedication to making this a night worth all their hard work. 

3. Incentives on Incentives: Having photographs of such a wonderful evening would surely make someone envious of the night out! This will inspire those who did not make the incentive trip last time work even harder to make it the next time. Not only does this create better office climate and boost morale, but it will also boost productivity. Seems like a win-win to me!