Maryland Tradeshow and Convention Photographers | Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention Center

One of the best things about the Washington DC area is that it fosters so much diversity. The Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland serves as the perfect venue to bring together different companies to provide great networking. The center boasts event space up to 546,889 square feet with a large space of 10,000 square feet – a perfect layout to host a convention or tradeshow.

We recently had the pleasure of photographing a tradeshow at The Gaylord National Harbor Resort & Convention Center. At this event, we were able to photograph diverse food companies throughout the industry, such as: the world-wide restaurant Five Guys; a farm-to-table service, Veg Fresh Farms; kitchen HVAC contractor, Chapman Ventilation; and even trucking service, Cedar Point Trucking with and Convention photography Washington DC. It was amazing to see just how vast the food industry is with so many different vendors in attendance. What better way to show that broadness than by photographing the event?

3 Reasons We Love Tradeshow Photography:

1.    Highlight Unique Vendor Products: While tradeshows host an extensive list of different vendors, sometimes they can get lost as just another number on the list. By providing photographs of each vendor, we’re able to capture what makes each vendor special.

2.    Capture Customized Vendor Booths: Not only are we able to capture their unique products but also the company’s unique feel as well. They way vendors set up and adorn their vendor booth says something about the culture of their company. Photographs are the perfect way to capture that unique company spirit by Trade Show Photographers in Washington DC. 

3.    Tradeshows are WORK!: Just that. Tradeshows are a lot of work to coordinate and set up – certainly an event worth featuring! Why not capture all of the hard work that has finally come together successfully through photojournalistic photos that depict the full event? And how great would it be to provide your loyal vendors with some great shots of all their hard work as well?!