Have you ever had an unforgettable moment sneak up on you? In the midst of it, you ask a disinterested stranger to try to capture the moment with your phone…only to realize later that the lens was smudged and he forgot the flash. Not print worthy…the image gets lost in the thousands of pictures trapped in your iPhone albums. As a Virginia Event Photographer, I am fully aware of the importance of and respect that our memories deserve.

A Treasured Investment

Thankfully, we plan most significant events in our lives. Beautiful moments and professional milestones like fundraising galas, company anniversary parties or VIP private dinners. For times like these, it’s crucial that we don’t leave meaningful moments to fate. Especially to the fate of our memories or guests with iPhones. Professional event photography is a treasured investment that ensures your memories will not be lost and can be shared and passed down for years to come. Even in our digital world, we hold on with care to old photographs knowing that they portray a nostalgic piece of history.

Event Photojournalism captures and retells your celebrations through images without manipulation or distraction. We simply want to capture the moment as is, but with perfect timing and skill so that your story will be remembered and retold. Our photography reflects all aspects of the event. Including details that you may not have even noticed in the excitement of the moment.

The best storytellers place their audience in the middle of a story in a way that lets them envision their surroundings. To experience the action and feel the emotions. We strive to do the same. Some people tell stories through art, music, or writing. We tell stories through photography.

Event Photojournalism by Rodney Bailey Event Photojournalism by Rodney Bailey Event Photojournalism by Rodney Bailey Event Photojournalism by Rodney Bailey