As I capture more and more event photography in Washington DC, I continuously hear the same sad story. Imagine. You’ve spent months planning a corporate event. You’ve worked everything out to the last detail and manage to pull it off perfectly—it turns out great! The guests enjoy themselves making lasting relationships and memories. However, you overlooked the importance of properly researching photographers and go with one at the last minute who seems like the best deal. The pictures do not turn out, and the best moments are not even captured. The marketing materials you hoped to get from this event are lost.

From Memories to Marketing

Event photography is more than capturing memories—it’s about using images from corporate events and functions to create a professional image that can be utilized for marketing. Professional photography is not just something extra, it’s a crucial investment.

If your plan is to wait until potential clients meet you face-to-face to see what you have to offer, you may not ever get the chance. Now, everything is online. Before a phone call, meeting, or even an email, most people will look up your business or service online to get a feel for who you are. If your goal is to present professional quality to your client, you have to look professional online first and foremost. (So much purchasing—even big purchases such as homes and cars—happens online without viewing the product in person first.) Pictures of your business in action will attract more clients and convince them of your quality and professionalism.

Consider making event photography one of your top marketing priorities for your next event. Let us work our magic while you take time to enjoy the event and make memories with your guests—no iPhone cameras required 😉

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Capturing Event Photography in Washington DC is such a joy. There are so many memories and special moments worth capturing. My job is to make sure all those precious moments are properly and professionally documented!